Class Descriptions

Beginner 101 – Perfect for people new to Yoga

During this 8-week class, you’ll learn and practice the essential yoga poses, each session building on the last.  Your instructor will teach you how to modify the most commonly practiced poses for your ability or body type, in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. To help you practice, we also give you 2 weeks unlimited free classes at the end of the session.


Pre-registration required. No drop-ins or pass holders.



Slow Flow Yoga – All Levels

Perfect if you’re new to yoga, or want a gentle stretch. You’ll explore yoga postures (asanas) from the inside out: using the breath, releasing tension, building strength, and engaging your mind and body. The class finishes with a lengthy relaxation pose (savasana) to release the last of your body’s tension.


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Yin Yoga – All Levels

The focus is on relaxing, lengthening, and strengthening your muscles by holding seated and supine poses for longer lengths of time with the help of props. This slow, meditative practice helps to release tension in your fascia (connective tissue), improve your flexibility, and calm your mind.

60 to 75 MINUTES

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Hatha Flow Yoga – Intermediate

Each class begins with Sun Salutations and progresses to more energetic, flowing sequences in which you build strength and flexibility while exploring the connection between your breath, movement, and mind. From time-to-time we explore advanced poses in a playful and safe way. To enjoy this class, you should already be comfortable with fundamental yoga poses and possess a reasonable level of fitness.


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Core Strength Yoga – Intermediate

This challenging, but rewarding, class targets the abdominal, oblique and back muscles that help to stabilize your body and that are involved in almost all of your movements. A solid core will improve your overall strength, help keep you injury-free, give you better posture and a flatter stomach. The class finishes with gentle stretching and relaxation.


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B-Workout and Core Fitness – All Levels

Sculpt and strengthen your muscles in this non-impact, low aerobic, full-body workout using your body weight, bands and balls. You can ramp up the challenge in this class, or set a slower pace. The class finishes with a relaxing stretch.


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Teen Yoga: teens 13+


During this 8-week class, we’ll build your strength and flexibility in a setting that’s non-competitive and fun. You’ll learn and practice the essential yoga poses – plus some of the more challenging balance poses.

We’ll show you how to tune in to your mind and body, get calm, and stay focused. From an introduction to meditation, to basic flows, including Sun Salutations, you’ll be challenged in every class – but also encouraged to work with your body in a way that’s right for you. At the end of the 8 sessions, you can try out any class at the studio with a 2-week unlimited pass!


$100 +GST

Thursdays, Jan 11 to March 1 │4:00-5:15pm

Good to know: Teens 13+ are welcome at any of our regular drop-in yoga classes, but our Teen Yoga class is designed just for you and registration is necessary – no drop-ins or passes for this class.


New students must fill out a Health History and Waiver Form and bring it to their first class.

Tuesdays with Mo: all levels

Tuesdays with Mo is an opportunity to ask all those questions you don’t have time to ask during a regular class. The sessions attract a mix of veterans and beginners who want to explore the finer points of basic poses and transitions. They come with questions about everything from Downward Dog to Warrior Pose, and a willingness to practice whatever is on the menu.

Tuesdays with Mo runs in the Beginner 101 evening time slot, between the end date of one set of Beginner classes, and the beginning of the next. Drop in with your questions to one class, or all, and fine-tune your technique! Open to all passholders.


Tuesdays, March 6 to 27 │7:00-8:15pm