MichaelAfter 12 years of building Open Space Yoga into a studio and community we all love, I have decided to refocus my energy on teaching at the studio and consulting, rather than running the business, (which I’m finding a challenge to do from Vancouver). At the beginning of June, Gerry Sylvester, who most of you know as a fellow student and teacher, took over as owner of Open Space Yoga.

It was important to me to sell the studio to someone who was part of the community, who loves the culture we’ve built, and who has great relationships with our team of instructors. When Gerry said that he was interested, I knew that I had a fit. Although I’d had other offers, for the first time, I could see Open Space Yoga carrying on with the same inclusive mandate, the same heart, and with the same care for our students.

I will continue to teach regular classes at Open Space, as one of the best things about the past 12 years has been the relationships I’ve built with all of you.  I’ll also be hosting and teaching some workshops and retreats this Fall. I still feel strongly connected to the studio and students – but I couldn’t run the business from Vancouver in the way that I used to when I lived in Ladner.

As a Ladner local, Gerry is in the neighbourhood and able to be at the studio in the evenings and on weekends, and to respond quickly to any issues. I plan to spend a lot of time with him over the next couple of months to ensure that the transition goes smoothly, and that all of the things you love about Open Space remain the same. I will be with him all the way including helping out with all of our annual fundraising events such at the Shopping Day for Hospice. I am not going anywhere! 

In addition to refocusing on teaching, I’ll also be starting a new venture as a marketing and business consultant for independent fitness and yoga facilities. Most studio owners go into business for the love of the practice, and they often need help with the business side of things.

I want to thank all of you amazing students for over 12 years of support and I hope you give Gerry as much support and love as I have received. I am now excited to be part of Gerry’s team!



gerry_newMessage from Gerry: Open Space is like a second family to me. For years, it’s where I’ve gone to de-stress, connect and work out, whether I’m taking a class or teaching it.

I’m excited to be taking on this new challenge – when Michael and I discussed the possibility of me purchasing the studio, I leapt at the opportunity to become an even bigger part of something I love. My intention is to meet as many students as possible over the next couple of months, and to keep building this warm, welcoming community we all share.

I’ll be working hard with Michael over the next couple of months to get up to speed on the business side of things – and to ensure that everything we love about Open Space remains the same. And on that note, if you have comments or suggestions, please let me know – I’d welcome the feedback.

I plan to be in the studio June 19 to 21 to say “hello” to anyone who wants to drop in. And although I have a day job, I’m already at Open Space most evenings and weekends. If you see me on the street, or in the studio, please stop to introduce yourself and talk. For me, that connection is one of the best things about the Open Space community.