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Sound Bath with Mike Nichols

Come feast on the powerful healing sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls and the grounding energy of the Wu Gong. Synchronizing the most subtle vibrations we will dissolve the boundaries between mind and matter. With sound we can move deep into the body releasing restrictions and tension and dive into the mind bringing calm and clarity. This class will include sacred sound, gentle yin yoga, meditation and simple breathing techniques. Nourish your soul, free your body and let your mind expand with infinite possibilities.

Saturday, February 25 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm – $50 +gst

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Walking The Middle Way

Whit Hornsberger will be gracing the studio for a TWO-PART series “Walking The Middle Way”.

In this two-part workshop series we will integrate Buddhist mindfulness meditation (satpatthana vipassana) with the practice of Yin Yoga, using the fertile medium of passive stillness to calm the mind and reawaken the objective necessary.

Each workshop includes a Dhamma talk and experiential practice, integrating the understanding of the Buddha’s teachings (Dhamma).

Session 1 – The Teachings Of Discomfort

This session carries with it the potential to catalyze a radical shift in one’s relationship to discomfort and pain. And, if there were just one Dhammic gift Whit could impart with all beings, The Teachings of Discomfort would be it.

Wednesday, Feb 15, 5:30 to 7:30 PM

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Session 2 – The Teachings Of Comfort

In this second session of our journey towards walking The Middle Path we will discuss and experience for ourselves the ultimate reality regarding the opposing end of the dualistic spectrum to which the conditioned mind becomes enslaved – the pleasant phenomena.

Thursday, Mar 02, 5:30 to 7:30 PM

$40 + gst – Register here

Whit Hornsberger (Vancouver Island, Canada) is a student and teacher of the wisdom traditions of Classical Yoga and Theravada Buddhism. A former athlete, Whit found the path as a result of a career ending knee injury and the subsequent emotional and mental suffering inherent in losing one’s (supposed) self-identity and self-worth.

By integrating knowledge from his degrees in primatology and psychology with over 17 years of dedicated practice and 13 years of teaching, Whit has developed a unique spiritually scientific approach to the understanding of the mind and body.

His daily practice and teaching methods stem from the traditional practices of Vinyasa Krama (Krishnamacharya), Buddhist mindfulness meditation (Mahasi Sayadaw) and Yin Yoga. He continues to pursue his insatiable passion for truth and understanding by way of solo retreats amongst the courageous monastics in the Buddhist monasteries of Burma (Myanmar).

A passionate advocate of traditional teachings, Whit expounds the ancient wisdom of these lineages in a relevant manner, making them readily accessible to students at every stage of the path.


A Past Life Regression Meditation Evening


Saturday, Mar 04, 5:00 to 7:00 PM

$40 + gst – Register here