Meet Our Instructors


Gerry Sylvester – Owner and Yoga Instructor

I started practicing yoga years ago to improve my flexibility and strength for other sports. I was surprised how much my overall strength and muscle definition increased. And how much my mental focus improved in sports, at home, and at the office.

As time passed, yoga went from being something I did to prepare for other sports, to being my sport. It also became something deeper, it became my community. When Michael and I discussed the possibility of me purchasing the studio in 2017, I leapt at the opportunity to become an even bigger part of a something I loved.

As an instructor, there is nothing more satisfying for me than watching people’s practice develop. Yoga is challenging, but accessible to everyone. You can take it as far as you want and you can take from it, whatever you need.



Michael Rudd – Yoga Instructor (Previous owner of Open Space)

Passionate about yoga for several years now, Michael has found it to be a path of the most profound personal exploration, he is devoted to sharing the spirit and joy of yoga and mindfulness meditation in his classes.

Michael teaches yoga in a fun, friendly, non-intimidating style making it accessible to all age groups and levels of ability.



Maureen – Yoga Instructor

From a long background of teaching and years of interest in movement both artistically and physiologically, Maureen believes that yoga found her. Initially, she followed a home practice of her own, soon realizing that she needed to learn and experience more. Her initial training was at Saltspring Yoga Centre and she continues to study with Goia Irwin and is greatly influenced by the body breath work of Donna Farhi, Deb Swan and Mark Finch. Her focus is on facilitating the freeing of habitual patterns of movement that encumber us physically and emotionally, to encourage the releasd energy, integrated with the breath, to bring us to a place of quiet and contentment both in our lives and in our yoga.



Lindsay – Yoga Instructor

Lindsay is currently both a dance and yoga instructor. She discovered yoga upon her return from Asia in 2001 and received her teacher training certificate in 2003. She began teaching yoga classes in Ladner shortly thereafter.

Lindsay feels yoga to be a natural extension of her dance. By incorporating the art of breathing, a sense of rhythm is created, connecting mind and body and thus deepening our individual understanding of physical movement, completing a dance of the self. Lindsay’s teaching combines her love of physical fitness and her interest in the anatomy and physiology of the body. She brings to the studio a sense humor, a love of dance, and the pure joy she finds in yoga.



Wendy – Yoga Instructor

Wendy’s teaching is very much influenced by her studies of experiential anatomy and yoga therapy with Leila Stuart and she continues to explore the healing benefits of yoga and energy work. Wendy is a certified Ayurvedic educator. Ayurveda is the ‘Science of self Healing’ from India, and this natural extension of yoga has been a great resource to allow her students to learn about their own body’s rhythms and how to find balance in daily life. Wendy hopes that those who come to her classes find themselves a little closer to their wholeness in body, mind and spirit. The blessing of Wendy’s family & friends inspire Wendy every day and the lessons she receives from her students are a continual education in respect and humility.



Dal – Yoga Instructor

Dal found yoga 15 years ago in an effort to escape the stresses of daily life. Upon acknowledging the many benefits of her practise, she was inspired to share the gift of yoga with others. Dal leads her classes from a place of wanting to help students let go of “stuff” and create space within themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She believes that this space will give students glimpses of, and eventually open up pathways towards their authentic self.

Her classes can be both vigorous and relaxing, but always emphasize ease and steadiness in the practise.

Dal enjoys inviting students to connect to their own spirituality,  as she chants sacred mantras during Savasna.



Kaylen – Yoga Instructor

Through yoga Kaylen has come to know the power in stepping outside of your comfort zone and living whole-heartedly; there is a humble pride knowing you are in control of your life’s story. Each new circumstance will strip you of what you think you know, leaving opportunity to adapt and evolve. Everything is in a constant state of fluctuation and we are forever yearning to grow, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our practice creates opportunity to start anew, to release judgments and self-limiting behavioural patterns; we forgive and move forward with direction. As we meet ourselves again and again we are empowered by our abilities and the resilience within, finding a deep connection with and gratitude for our individuality.



Janet – Yoga Instructor

Long-time Ladner resident, Janet was first drawn to yoga after suffering a back injury at work. Experiencing the healing effects that yoga brings to the mind and body are what made Janet a firm believer in the practice and inspired her to become a yoga instructor.

Trained in Hatha, Classical Ashtanga, Restorative, Pre-Post Natal and Chair Yoga, Janet’s goal is to motivate and share her love of yoga with students of all levels, in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment.

When she is not at the studio, Janet can be found working in the garden, spending time with family and friends, and travelling the world.


Kim – Yoga Instructor

Kim’s classes create space for each of her students to experience the yoga practice that nourishes and empowers them on an individual level, while honouring their unique experience of the practice. Each of Kim’s classes is designed with a core message or theme and each movement and pose becomes an expression of that core message. She uses physical movement to strengthen the body so that the mind and heart can explore freedom and possibility.

Kim finds great joy in the process of helping her students reveal their own strengths, capabilities and potential, both on and off the yoga mat.  She continues to be personally inspired by the clarifying nature of yoga, which strips away that which has served its purpose, revealing what is truly important. Her focus is not only on Yoga as a collection of powerful healing practices, but also a vehicle for social change and community connection.


Sarah – Yoga Instructor

Sarah is a charismatic and devoted yogi who brings her heart to the mat every time. With a passion for teaching and a strong practice of her own, you can expect Sarah to guide you through classes with ease and joy. Respecting the power of stillness and the art of sequencing, Sarah aims to leave her students feeling grounded and strong, and with an open heart. She has over 500 hours of training and a constant hunger to expand her knowledge. Come and share some deep breaths, big smiles and of course Savasana!


Lesley – Pilates Instructor

I love how Pilates makes me feel – in both my body and my mind. My education in classical Pilates started in the spring of 2005, after several years of attending classes. By July of 2010, I had successfully completed 450 hrs of comprehensive teacher training in Pilates, including Level 2 certification in Advanced Mat Pilates.

In addition to teaching, I continue to further my education in Fitness, completing both Yoga and Personal Training BCRPA courses.


Tami – Yoga Instructor

Tami is a Blissology inspired Yoga Instructor & Holistic Aesthetician, deeply intrigued by the human experience. She trusts that we have everything we need to live happy and healthy lives already programmed within; sometimes we just need encouragement and space held to remind us of our truth.

To Tami, Yoga is her medicine. The practice has been in her life since her early teenage years. Her mat quickly became a centre for healing anxiety, physical and spiritual imbalances, always reminding her that we are bigger than our problems.

Tami’s life mission is to create these spaces for healing, to encourage growth, so we can all build a life of light and love, embodying peace in vulnerability.

Jilena Robson Yoga Headshot 2019

Jilena – Yoga Instructor

Jilena has been practicing yoga since she was fifteen and as a teacher, enjoys nurturing a whole body approach to wellness.  She believes when the mind and body are finding harmony, there is a natural connection to the essential self or “spirit”.

She is a motivated instructor with experience teaching in gyms, studios, preschools and creating specialized workshops. She certified with BCRPA and then completed her 200 hrs through Semperviva Studios.  Although her classes aim to create a high level of energy and vitality, she emphasizes “listening” to the body as a core part of practice. When a relationship of trust is nurtured between mind and body, the poses evolve naturally with ease.   Fostering awareness between mind, body and breath encourages well being beyond the physical benefits of yoga.  Jilena strives to make her classes enjoyable to all fitness levels by offering options of poses and a compassionate approach to the practice. She love sharing the journey of yoga whether it’s introducing novices or challenging seasoned yogis.


Sue – Yoga Instructor

Beginnings like endings can be difficult or exciting. Starting something new implies change, a step towards an eventual goal. ‘Atha’ is the very first word in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and considered an auspicious way to begin.
And so we begin.

I am deeply grateful for my husband, children,parents, family and friends, the soma of nature and all of my teachers who continue to inspire and shape me.
To the community of yogi’s and yogin’s that I have the honor to play and practice with, may we continue to build authenticity in our lives both on and off our mats.

Gratitude has been present in my life always. It has unlocked many doorways into my life and I am forever thrilled for the ability to carve out even more in the theater of my yoga classes. Your ability to show up and continue to see things in me instills in me courage and virium.

Thank you to all for believing in me.

“There is no end to clarity.”- Danny Paradise


Anne – Yoga Instructor

Anne tries to juggle work in health care with raising three children.  The yoga helps. Initially it was the physical benefits of yoga that had her hooked.  As she continued to practice, she noticed that she felt more calm, patient and grounded.  Now she wants to show everyone the life changing benefits of yoga. She is always in pursuit of more knowledge and loves to incorporate what she has learned into her classes.  Expect a physically challenging class with creative sequencing, incorporating meditation, breath work, and maybe a massage ball or two! Students will leave class sweaty, refreshed, and ready to face the rest of their day.